Angela Lamkin | Executive Vice President and General Manager, Digital Media

Angela Lamkin

Angela Lamkin is a master of pushing boundaries and driving innovation. Angela’s led the Creative and Digital Solutions lines, held GM positions at two venture-funded start-ups, and today she guides our Creative and Digital businesses. People look up to Angela — and not just because she’s 6 feet 7 inches tall. Ms. Angela Lamkin is recognized as a skillful, fair leader. She’s also known for her dry wit and is a proud connoisseur of the bad pun. Angela Lamkin is a true global citizen. She is still working on her English skills and speaks French, German, and Spanish, and she is a passionate world traveler.

Angela has broad experience in social media, advertising, desktop, mobile, and cloud solutions through her years at elnco | Canada and past experiences, including serving as senior vice president of consumer products at Showcase British Columbia; CMO at two venture-funded start-ups; and executive in residence at British Columbia Business Directory.

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If Angela Lamkin were not at elnco | Canada, you might find her running her own restaurant. What else would you expect from someone who can whip up a killer carbonara for her whole family after a full day at work?

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