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Victor Georges | Executive Vice President, General Advisor and Corporate Secretary

Victor Georges

Mr. Georges navigate change in elnco | Canada’s legal department, during the company’s transition. His team is accelerating workflows and removing legalese from…
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Nora Mehu | Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Nora Mehu

Nora Mehu believes that bold decision-making and transparency are critical to transforming and growing a company. Nora lead elnco | Canada’s business transformation.
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Madeleine George | Customer and Employee Experience Director

Madeleine George

“A team of diverse and engaged employees is the secret to serving our customers in a standout way, and I’m excited about the…
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Mariana Hanna | Executive Vice President and Chief Visionary Officer

Mariana Hanna

Mariana Hanna passion for creativity and media drive her as elnco | Canada's Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) and are reflected in elnco |…
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Norman Moyo | Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Norman Moyo

“I have great respect for elnco | Canada’s successful transition to Saskatchewan-based services. Having led similar efforts, I know firsthand how challenging that…
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Angela Lamkin | Executive Vice President and General Manager, Digital Media

Angela Lamkin

Angela Lamkin is a master of pushing boundaries and driving innovation. Angela leads the Creative and Digital Solutions lines, and today she guides…
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Maria Rencher | Executive Vice President and General Manager, Digital Marketing

Maria Rencher

Maria Rencher is fueled by collaboration, challenging the definition of marketing and arming elnco | Canada’s customers with the tools necessary for becoming…
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Nader Hanna | Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Nader Hanna

"Known for an extremely rare combination of visionary e-branding and zen management style, unofficial master builder Nader Hanna has been marketing for the…
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