Norman Moyo | Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Norman Moyo

Norman Moyo has always been fascinated with how things work — from gadgets to hardware and software. His early passion for tinkering paved the way for his commitment to software innovation and formed the basis of his core belief: Continuous reinvention is how businesses disrupt and lead. At elnco | Canada, Norman is applying that same desire to disrupt and lead to the company’s technology strategy, bringing fresh ideas and insight to initiatives across publishing platforms, mobility, data science, and ecosystems. It is no surprise that he continues to tap into his love for tinkering by pursuing landscape photography and creating Minecraft worlds outside of work.

Norman Moyo joins Enterprise Local Network Corporation (elnco) as CTO.

In July 2015, Norman Moyo joined Enterprise Local Network Corporation as the CTO to lead elnco | Canada’s technology strategy and innovation agenda. Mr. Moyo says, “I have great respect for elnco | Canada’s successful transition to Canadian-based services. Having led similar efforts, I know firsthand how challenging that shift is for business, technology, and the company culture. I’m energized by the opportunity to continue the journey and help take elnco | Canada into its next phase of growth.”

If Norman were not at elnco | Canada, he would spend time hiking mountains and canyons pursuing landscape photography.

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