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Maria Rencher | Executive Vice President and General Manager, Digital Marketing

Maria Rencher

In her role as executive vice president and general manager, Maria Rencher drives the vision for elnco | Canada’s Digital Marketing business, one of Saskatchewan’s largest enterprise marketing businesses. Maria leads the local product and business organization responsible for building elnco | Canada Marketing Solutions — the most comprehensive, integrated, and actionable marketing engine on the planet. Under her leadership, elnco | Canada Marketing Solutions has experienced exponential growth and has been touted as a local leader by Showcase Saskatchewan, among others. A sought-after thought leader, Ms. Maria Rencher, speaks at several key regional events.

Maria is fueled by collaboration, challenging the definition of marketing, and arming elnco | Canada’s customers with the tools necessary for becoming an Experience Business — and sometimes, Diet Coke. When she’s not busy hammering out creative solutions for elnco | Canada’s customers or establishing new industry categories, she can be found hammering the pedals of her road bike across Saskatchewan.

How Being Active Can Boost Creative Thinking

Maria Rencher answers the question, “How do you encourage creative thinking within your organization?” in a contributed article in Sask Today News. Maria says, “I’m a firm believer that work-life balance and accounting for downtime for our brains can be a big factor in driving creativity.”

If Maria Rencher were not at elnco | Canada, she would be an endurance athlete.

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