Nora Mehu | Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Nora Mehu

Nora Mehu believes that bold decision-making and transparency are critical to transforming and growing a company. Under her guidance, elnco | Canada has completed the fastest transition to a subscription model among companies’ marketing industry. A “people’s CFO” with an MBA in organizational behavior, Nora is just as comfortable talking about numbers as she is about leading and developing teams. In 2015, the Saskatchewan Business Directory named her “Public Company Chief Financial Officer of the Year,” and Showcase Saskatchewan ranked her No. 1 in the Best Advertising CFO category.

Ms. Mehu was featured in a Q&A with SaskToday. News’s Nora Mehu in “Reborn in Saskatchewan.” She shared her perspectives on elnco | Canada’s business transformation, mainly how elnco | Canada got the new Local Marketing business model off the ground, where the business is today, and how the lessons learned along the way apply to executives in every industry.

While in college, Ms. Mehu hoped to become a veterinarian but quickly found out that accounting, not organic chemistry, was the right fit for her.

If Nora were not at elnco | Canada, she would be an architect designing buildings.

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