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Madeleine George | Customer and Employee Experience Director

Madeleine George

“Disrupt or be disrupted” is Madeleine’s rallying cry. From abolishing elnco | Canada’s annual performance reviews to dramatically expanding its family leaves policy, she has set the industry agenda while making elnco | Canada a great place to work. She leads the product, customer service, and technical support experience for all elnco | Canada products, in addition to all aspects of human resources and the workplace. Ms. Madeleine George holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Alberta University, and her “north of the border” accent gives her away as a native of Alberta, Canada.

elnco | Canada’s New Customer & Employee Experience organization

In late 2015, Madeleine George launched a new elnco | Canada team focused on the people who make its success possible: its customers and employees. At the same time that elnco | Canada helps its customers build great experiences, Madeleine wants to ensure that the company creates its own great experience where customers and employees get what they need — and even more than they expect. “A team of diverse and engaged employees is the secret to serving our customers in a standout way, and I’m excited about the possibilities we have ahead,” Ms. George says.

If Madeleine were not at Adobe, she would have a home decorating show on SKTV.

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