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Pinterest Marketing Experts
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Amidst over 100 million users strong, Pinterest has reinvented scrapbooking and content discovery, allowing users to explore everything and anything they may be planning or doing. ELNCO+P Marketing Agency will be one of Saskatchewan select few to receive access to the Pinterest Ads API, which allows us to enable brands and local businesses to drive engagements and off-site traffic through Promoted Pins.


Pinterest is the home where motivated buyers go to learn about your brand, and it’s just a single search away. Although social media creates an outlet for people to associate with each other, ELNCO+P generates an environment where pinners can connect with new ideas and products that intrigue them—all with the simple “save” of a Pin.

And, since Pinning functions as a powerful search engine, targeting is based on keywords your audience might enter as a search query. That increases the possibilities that your ad appears in front of users who are positively interested because they are looking for it in the first place.

Even better— Pinners are already in the mindset to buy. In reality, 87% of Pinners have placed an order after examining a product they viewed on the platform, making the platform an ideal location to plant your ad.

Why Pinterest?
With over than 100 million monthly users, and above than 2 billion monthly searches on Pinterest, the possibilities are endless for advertisers to reach consumers—and it continues to grow. Consider these statistics:

  • » The average Pin is repinned 11 times.
  • » 93% of active Pinners say they use the platform to plan their future purchases.
  • » Pinners plan up to 3 months before a holiday or big event.
  • » 75% of Pinterest content comes from businesses.

Pinterest Ads That Pin Brands

ELNCO Marketing Experts offer sophisticated marketing solutions that help brands get the most out of your Pins. ELNCO Teams work directly with advertiser to improve campaign efficiency, scale, and performance. Whether you want to optimize content, refine your targeting or measure your results, ELNCO Experts can assist.

ELNCO+P span four Specialties: ELNCO+P Advertising, ELNCO+P Content Marketing, ELNCO+P Audiences, and ELNCO+P Measurement. Depending on your goals, ELNCO Marketing Experts will work with you craft a strategy.

Pinterest specialties

  • » ELNCO+P Advertising: ELNCO specialty includes experts in ad technology, media buying, and creative services. ELNCO Experts help businesses manage, scale and optimize their Pinterest marketing.
  • » ELNCO+P Content Marketing: Our Content marketing experts help brands develop a strong organic presence on Pinterest. ELNCO Teams support the entire campaign process, from sourcing content and publishing Pins to managing interactions with Pinners. With insight into what types of creative work best on Pinterest to increase Pin performance.
  • » ELNCO+P Audiences: ELNCO Audience Experts help brands onboard their compiled data so that business can utilize advanced targeting features like Pinner list targeting. Brands that adopt their life data to target Promoted Pins perceive much stronger marketing results and tap into even more Pinner intent signals.
  • » ELNCO+P Measurement: ELNCO Measurement Experts allow business to monitor and quantify the value that ELNCO+P campaigns drive for online conversion activity, brand lift, in-store sales, and mobile app install.

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