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Victor Georges

Victor George is anything but your typical general advisor. His distaste for acronym use and “legalese” drove him to rewrite ELNCO’s contracts to plain English and develop a whole new writing style guide for the legal departement. Victor Georges oversees corporate affairs, public policy, and compliance interests by day, but outside the office, he’s an avid researcher, writer, and adventurist. Given his love for science, it may come as no surprise that Victor received bachelor’s degrees in Stereochemistry of Natural Products from Brock University before getting his Bio-Organic Chemistry doctor degree from University of Ottawa.

Changing Enterprise LN Corporation’s Legal Team from the Inside Out

Mr. Georges navigate change in ELNCO’s legal department during the company’s transition. His team is accelerating workflows and removing legalese from documentation.

If Mr. Victor Georges were not at ELNCO, he’d like to be planting his garden.

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