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Google Marketing Experts - Marketing Saskatchewan @ eLNCO

Google Marketing Experts

An experts team that believes as process and perspective are constantly evolving.

Google Marketing Experts
A local partner to local businesses.


Reach today’s constant-connected consumers wherever they are with Google’s integrated digital marketing solutions.


We’re proud to be a Premier Local Google Marketing Experts, hand-picked for our proven search marketing expertise.
Led by your goals, we recommend the mix of solutions that will work collectively to be most effective.

  • » Programmatic Advertising: Correlate with your audience in real time to serve the right ad in front of the right audience at the right point.
  • » Search Marketing: Reach potential customers through high-performing solutions that led to our selection as a Google Premier SMB Marketing Experts.
  • » Native Advertising: Build loyalty through unique branded content distributed across our network of trusted online publishers.
  • » Email Marketing: Broadcast marketing messages direct to your target customers’ inboxes, then re-market based on email performance.
  • » Social Marketing: Unite with fans and non-fans through social media strategy grounded in our analysis of thousands of campaigns.

Performance-based Technology

Our proprietary ePP/XG™ semantic optimization platform analyzes performance and maximizes efficiency with your budget across your campaigns.

Rising at the pace of digital as digital advances fast. However, that doesn’t scare us. It pushes us to innovate, embrace new solutions, and invest in partners. We made our mark in programmatic semantic optimization before expanding into paid search, social, email, and organic.

Over time we’ve sharpened our conversions-based approach, which became the foundation of the ePP/XG™ semantic optimization technology we rolled out in 2005.

We’re committed marketing partners, acting as a single point of contact and support through multi-platform campaign cycles. We’re excited for what’s next.

With decades of exposure in digital strategy and innovation, we’re committed to pushing what’s possible. We are a client-centric digital organization that brings scale, precision, and sophistication to local digital marketing. Leveraging the faith that people matter as much as technology, we help advertisers solve complex marketing challenges with custom, performance-driven solutions.

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