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Facebook Marketing Experts - Marketing Saskatchewan @ eLNCO

Facebook Marketing Experts

The World’s Largest Social Media Network Reachfied.

Facebook Marketing Experts
A local partner to local businesses. Take On The Big FAN Challenges For Saskatchewan Local Businesses, One FACE At A Time


With user numbers in the billions, Facebook has the world’s largest social platform for advertisers. As a Facebook Marketing Experts, ELNCO continues dedicated to creating robust solutions in Social Ad Technology and Media Buying across verticals such as Auto, Retail, CPG, Entertainment and more.


Finally, a business intelligence platform explicitly designed to keep you in complete control of your social advertising.
Led by your goals, we recommend the mix of Facebook Marketing solutions that will work collectively to be most effective.

  • » Ad Technology: Balance and optimize your ad campaigns.
  • » Community Management: Efficiently manage Pages and conversations.
  • » Content Marketing: More effectively create, curate and publish content.
  • » Small Business Solutions: Discover technologies and services for small and provincially based businesses.
  • » Audience Onboarding: Find your current consumers on Facebook via Audiences Customization.
  • » Audience Data Providers: Uncover new customers on Facebook using 3rd-party data.
  • » Measurement: Measure business results across devices and channels.

Facebook Managed Advertising Services

A Solution Team That’s As Obsessed With Your Campaigns As You Are.

Managing effective Facebook social campaigns—from ad prep and launch to execution and analysis—can be daunting. ELNCO’s team of strategists, solution managers, and campaign directors will apply thousands of hours of experience to your Facebook campaigns to attain top performance for your initiatives.

  • » Effective Facebook Strategies, On Demand: To remain up to date with the latest social ad units, targeting, and tactics are more than a full-time job. ELNCO is always on the pulse of the most cost-effective strategies and will recommend the best targeting, flighting and more to get you to your goals.
  • » Uncover Facebook Campaign Do’s And Don’ts: Your campaign may come to an end, but what you can discover from them are just beginning. The ELNCO team provides a comprehensive analysis which embraces key learnings and recommendations.
  • » Real-Time Executions At Any time: Not all social campaigns run within a 9 to 5 timeframe. ELNCO’s experts will manage the ins and outs of your campaigns at all times, even throughout live events or weekend executions.

Facebook Professional Data Services

Make The Impossible Data Projects Possible

If you’ve ever had to mount a brand new custom solution from scratch, you are well conscious of the immense amount of time, effort and costs involved. Immediately extend your resources with ELNCO data experts who have an extensive background in developing customized data solutions for all business needs.

  • » The Hardest Data Challenges, Managed Easily: Whether your business possesses fragmented data or need to accomplish complex campaign ideas, there’s no lack of challenges to solve for. ELNCO’s specialists can resolve significant data challenges with automation, data connections and more.
  • » Data Mapping With First-Class Expertise: Formulating custom solutions for social advertising data provocations isn’t easy, and often requires substantial resources and budget. Let ELNCO’s data experts help with mapping historical data, data science, data auditing and more.
  • » Reporting Tailor-made For Your Business: Staying able to pinpoint important wins, failures, and learnings determine how well a company can compete. ELNCO works to uncover your company-specific successes and tailors reporting to answer critical business needs.
  • » A Simple Take On Complex Facebook Social Campaigns: Amidst automation, brands can implement intricate tactics despite the size of the social campaign. ELNCO has a proven track record for building well-designed resolutions for everything from quality creative to start-to-end deployment.

Facebook Campaign Automation Services

Make Impossible Campaigns Possible

When a business needs to move at the speed of social media, you don’t have time to waste. From paid campaign reports to audience analytics, ELNCO has the answers you need—in real-time.

  • » A Custom-Built Solution For Complex Campaigns: Automation can unlock a world of potential that enables marketers to implement complex social campaign tactics at scale. From quality assurance to end-to-end development, ELNCO’s consultative approach will ensure you gain a well-designed social marketing solution that drives real business results.
  • » Your Vision, Powered By Prime Industry Experts: Avoid substantial resource costs by granting the experts behind numerous award-winning automation to scope and construct your custom solution. ELNCO’s team of data professionals has worked with some of Saskatchewan preeminent brands and specializes in bringing fragmented campaign components together.
  • » A Proven Track Record For Success: ELNCO’s Campaign Automation Service Team has successfully served as the foundation for Saskatchewan businesses, who needed the capability to implement their Facebook strategy to hundreds, if not thousands of FB ads simultaneously. Working with ELNCO experts, local business was able to systematize content across hundreds of regional audiences, while adequately deploy thousands of hyper-personalized ads.

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