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Adobe Marketing Experts

ELNCO helps Saskatchewan Local Leaders to Evolve their organizations.

Adobe Marketing Experts
Vision. Execution. Value.


ELNCO support leaders like you to EVOLVE your business. By partnering with you to establish goals, answer your business questions, proactively identify red flags, and enhance decision making, we will provide you with a roadmap to success using our proven ELNCO+A solutions.


As one of only a handful of Adobe Marketing Experts in Saskatchewan, we deliver end-to-end, integrated marketing platform solutions to assist you thoroughly realize the value of your Adobe investment. Our fast-growing discipline is rooted in a strategic framework incorporating ELNCO+A for more than 15 local solution implementations.
Led by your goals, we recommend the mix of solutions that will work collectively to be most effective.

  • » Campaign Management: Cross-Channel Campaign Management. Ensure Customers Find You Anywhere They Look
  • » Experience Management: ELNCO+A Customer Experience & Digital Asset Management. Turns Data into Power
  • » Digital Marketing: ELNCO+A Digital Marketing Insights and Analytics. Don’t Allow Random Data Fragment Your Success
  • » Mobile Experience: Does Your Experience Follow Your Customers?
  • » Optimization And Personalization: Optimization Testing & Personalization. A Proven Path to Increasing Engagement

Adobe Cross-Channel Campaign Management

ELNCO digital marketing experts support you to develop ideas, plan, launch and manage multi-channel campaigns. ELNCO Team broad digital marketing experience and deep expertise in Digital Campaign, we empower you to enhance your campaign effectiveness and maximize your investment.

  • » Adobe Campaign: Marketing campaigns are designed and executed with the intent to convert prospects into customers or build loyalty with existing customers. ELNCO+A Campaign presents a flexible, engaging and automated solution that supports you personalize and distribute campaigns across online and offline channels. ELNCO digital marketing experts work with you to set up, enable and maximize your investment in ELNCO+A Campaign. Utilizing the strategy and goals defined during the digital marketing assessment, we work closely with you to deliver a multi-channel solution, based on ELNCO+A Campaign, which integrates with your current digital marketing infrastructure.
  • » Marketing Confidence: To secure a successful implementation, you will work with our team of experts to establish and document the multi-channel marketing solution plan that outlines:
    • » Process and requirements for the first implementation.
    • » Supported channels and delivery mechanisms.
    • » Integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud and other data sources.
    • » Processes and procedures to manage the multi-channel marketing platform.

Adobe Customer Experience & Digital Asset Management

ELNCO Experts help you achieve your digital marketing goals with a fully integrated customer experience platform. Using ELNCO+A Experience Manager and additional Adobe Marketing Cloud products or third-party solutions, we stand by you to optimize and manage content, digital assets and dynamic visual merchandising.

  • » ELNCO+A Marketing Cloud: Obtain deeper customer insight, create personalized campaigns, manage content and optimize assets that drive demand, and strengthen brand loyalty – all of aforementioned is possible with ELNCO+A Marketing Cloud. If you are re-platforming a legacy site, we produce a proven, well-defined formula to get you migrated and to operating promptly. The foundation for the new platform starts with Audience and digital asset management audits. Then, our ELNCO+A architects and system engineers work jointly with your infrastructure and network teams to define and implement an ELNCO+A solution that satisfies business standards and adheres to proven best practices.
  • » Our Experience is Your Advantage: ELNCO digital marketing experts can also assist you to integrate AEM with additional Adobe Marketing Cloud products and third-party solutions to optimize content and support your digital marketing strategy.
  • » Speed & Flexibility: Our solution offerings:
    • » ELNCO+A Foundation implements an organized framework for successful re-platforming projects.
    • » ELNCO+A Experience Manager implementations give turn-key projects with our experienced technologists and business practitioners, creating highly effective project teams.
    • » ELNCO+A Assets help you build centralized digital brand asset libraries for internal, syndication and business consumption.
    • » ELNCO+A Continued Services provides long-term support and can support add capacity or precise expertise to internal service teams

Digital Marketing Insights and Analytics

ELNCO help Saskatchewan businesses discover the power of customer intelligence with our extensive analytics knowledge and ELNCO+A’s real-time analytics and segmentation. Our Marketing Experts help you identify the buyer journey across all channels, attain a 360-degree view of your customer and drive your digital marketing decisions.

  • » Adobe Analytics: ELNCO+A Analytics acquires insights from data by applying real-time analytics and comprehensive segmentation across all business marketing channels. It attends as the analytics foundation to help you discover high-value prospects and uncover robust intelligence about your customers. With many successful implementations of ELNCO+A Analytics, ELNCO+A Dynamic Tag Manager, and other premier platforms, ELNCO team has the rich analytics expertise to help you develop thriving analytics goals and strategies.
  • » Data-driven Insight: Obtaining consumer insights, once considered unattainable by marketers, is now widely perceived as a game-changing opportunity. The ever-growing amount of data originating from social, web, mobile and other touch points, coupled with rapidly evolving consumer behaviors, is putting pressure on marketing organizations. Marketers are required to turn data into insights and insights into action in near real-time. ELNCO+A analytics tools can aid you to make sense of data and create a comprehensive picture of your customers. We can bring it all collectively to help you drive real-time results.
  • » After forming an analytics strategy during an initial digital marketing assessment/implementation audit, we help business properly deploy their analytics tools, integrating them with Big Data and back-end systems. We additionally set business up for success by creating an ELNCO+A Analytics implementation plan that assists business:
    • » Identify KPIs to track
    • » Map KPI data to analytics events and multiple variables
    • » Complete overall configuration
    • » Throughout this process, we empower you to respond to consumer behaviors and expectations more adequately.

Mobile Experience

By harnessing the power of ELNCO+A Experience Manager, ELNCO’s mobile content management team assists business to establish a technology foundation to oversee web and mobile apps from one location, securing that the content is responsive to every client touch point.

  • » AEM Mobile: When it comes to developing, maintaining and deploying mobile apps, marketers and developers often operate in silos. ELNCO+A Mobile makes it easier for marketers to manage mobile app content without relying on developers for help.
  • » Feature-Filled App Platform: By consolidating all of these technologies into a single platform, ELNCO+A run a mobile app platform with exceptional features, delivering versatility and ease of use. Managing content for your mobile apps will no longer be isolated from the rest of your digital marketing, providing you the ability to measure and promote it across all channels. ELNCO works with business to uncover the possibilities offered by AEM Mobile, so you can build and support more apps and derive more value out of your investment in mobile platforms.
  • » Multiple Technologies, One Powerful Tool: ELNCO+A Mobile is composed of various distinct technologies, including Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Adobe PhoneGap, Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target. Any of these solutions are deeply integrated into the platform to achieve a seamless mobile app publishing experience.
  • » Benefits include:
    • » Simple maintenance of mobile app content
    • » Publish apps across any mobile platforms
    • » Intuitive interface to distribute content and manage digital assets
    • » Agile and transparent measurement of mobile interactions
    • » Deliver dynamic content
  • Optimization Testing & Personalization

    ELNCO experts know how to assist you in creating personalized solutions for your customers and maximizing customer interactions in real-time. ELNCO+A Target makes it straightforward to identify your top performing content through A/B or multivariate testing, assuring that you are delivering the right experience to the right customer.

  • » Adobe Target: ELNCO+A Target help you identify your best content through A/B or multivariate testing so that you can deliver the right information and experience to the right person. Through automated personalization, mobile app optimization and a recommendation engine, you maximize customer interactions in near real-time. ELNCO+A Target plans are based on the personalization strategy and goals outlined during the digital marketing assessment. Then, ELNCO experts will not solely deliver a solution based on this industry-leading customization and testing tool, but also formulate and manage audience segments, and develop strategies for testing and personalization.
  • » Optimization Testing: Marketers are well conscious that “content is king” when it comes to transforming casual browsers into prospects, and ultimately into buyers. Businesses need high-quality, personalized and optimized content that is accessible for prospects to find. Equally as crucial is the ability to test your message by modeling and targeting audience profiles that promote your content distribution and personalization strategy.
  • » User-Centric Approach: ELNCO team fully supports the implementation and will assist you:
    • » Develop audience profiles across channels
    • » Understand your audience by consolidating data sources in one place
    • » Identify and organize market segmentation for targeting and personalization
    • » Make ad campaigns more efficient by targeting your specific audience segments
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