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Strategic Marketing: The Art And Science Simplified eBook

Strategic Marketing ~ The Art And Science Simplified

Strategic Marketing: The Art And Science Simplified eBook


Nader Hanna leads ELNCO strategic content creation team and focuses on generating leads by writing ebooks, improving seo, and building and optimizing landing pages. Nader studied Advertising Design at FIT in NYC.

This ebook is your guide to creating a digital marketing strategy for attracting more visitors. Strategic marketing operates within its own paradigm, and mastering the Strategic Marketing Art And Science opens the door for your next campaign. The heart of the framework is a simplified three-step process called the 3i Principles: Initiate, Iterate, and Integrate. This simple idea translates into higher engagement, real customer interaction, and multichannel campaigns that extend even into traditional marketing channels.

The evolution of stratigic marketing isn’t really about the brands; it’s about consumers exercising more control over their choices. The Art And Science demonstrates how using this single realization as a starting point helps business build and implement more effective marketing campaigns. Get inside the customer’s head with deep consumer research. Constantly improve marketing campaigns based on feedback and interactions. Integrate digital activities across channels, including traditional marketing. Build campaigns based on customer choice and control.

This essential resource is written for a new breed of marketing professionals who recognize the power of the individual, and who understand and appreciate how digital strategy works to implement customer-centric marketing solution. Discover why the key to reaching today’s empowered customers is to “Start with the customer and work backwards.”

Strategic Marketing is designed to be both practical and comprehensive. It contains the key concepts of digital marketing, the best practices of leaders in the field, and offers a review of the most current trends. In addition, the guide offers a wealth of action plans and exercises that are designed to develop the skills needed to become effective digital marketers that produce consistent measurable results.

Of course, strategic marketing alone can’t generate inbound marketing success. the pieces you create have to fit into an overall strategy of SEO, social media engagement, lead nurturing, measurement, and optimization. but with a well-defined Strategic Marketing strategy, a detailed editorial calendar, and a good topic backlog, you’ll be gaining market share like a pro and be on well on your way to becoming a more effective marketer.

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