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Killer Marketing Content: A Practical Guide eBook

Killer Marketing Content ~ A Practical Guide

Killer Marketing Content: A Practical Guide eBook


Nader Hanna leads ELNCO strategic content creation team and focuses on generating leads by writing ebooks, improving seo, and building and optimizing landing pages. Nader studied Advertising Design at FIT in NYC.

This ebook is your guide to creating an editorial strategy for attracting more business. In the coming pages, we’ll discuss the four steps to developing a flow of content ideas that will drive your inbound marketing success: knowing your audience, conducting a content audit, mapping content to the buying cycle, and creating an editorial calendar. We’ll also cover eleven important tips for coming up with ideas for content that will help you attract more prospects and convert them into leads for your business.

Constantly coming up with Killer Marketing Content can be overwhelming. when inspiration dries up, you risk falling into two equally dangerous traps. if you stop creating new blog posts, videos, ebooks or other content pieces, you turn off a major source of new traffic and leads. Or, if you panic and start pushing out content that’s a bad fit for your audience, you risk attracting the wrong kind of visitor while driving away good prospects. so how do you keep up?

Start Creating great Content: start creating, measuring, and optimizing your content to drive more leads.

Of course, content alone can’t generate inbound marketing success. the pieces you create have to fit into an overall strategy of SEO, social media engagement, lead nurturing, measurement, and optimization. but with a well-defined content strategy, a detailed editorial calendar, and a good topic backlog, you’ll be publishing content like a pro and be on well on your way to becoming a more effective marketer.

Ready to ensure you’ll never run out of content ideas again? let’s get started!

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